You’ve probably visited a new restaurant and wondered, what should I try? Usually you would have to ask the waiter, a friend or go online and read essay long reviews in hopes that someone recommended a specific product. The Pikster team realized that there was a latent opportunity to create a better reviewing experience.

What we set out to do is to solve one problem: Help users figure out what to do or try once they arrive at a specific venue. This is achieved by allowing users to rate and review any product or service available in any physical location. You can rate a movie at your favorite cinema, a meal in your favorite restaurant or your haircut at your local barbershop.

Pikster is currently in an open beta stage and we are focusing our efforts to improve its use for Monterrey, Mexico specifically. However, if you live elsewhere and feel like giving it a try, feel free to do so. We appreciate you joining us in this venture and hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we are.

If you haven’t done so already download Pikster, now available for Android and iOS.

The Pikster team